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If I had one day where I could do whatever I wanted I would go to the countryside where I could relax the whole day. There would be golden fields that stretch all the way to the horizon. There is no rowdy noise like there is in the city, everything is quiet, still, and peaceful. In the countryside has only a couple of roads made out of dirt and sand. The sky is clear blue and there are a few clouds that are pure white. The weather is perfect; it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. It’s warm with a slight cool breeze. No buildings blocking my view of anything. You can see the full field with a few trees accompanying the scenery. It would be a place where I could let all my thoughts out, let go of all my worries, and just enjoy myself. The breeze would take my stress away as it blows. Sometimes I think being in a day without any electronic devices such as computer, phone, and music players would be relaxing. Everyone is so caught up with using electronic devices that they don’t know what it’s like to be without them. Without them people can communicate with each other more. People become more open minded about their surroundings and notice things more easily.


The painting I chose was "The Human Condition", hearing the name of the painting affected my interpretation of it. When I first looked at the picture itself, it felt really calm and smooth, and for a second, all the worries in my world took a step aside, well almost. Thinking on the title again I thought, this man was not feeling what I just felt when he decided to make this painting out into the world. Because he added those three words, I came up with a completely different sign because of my past run-ins with phrases that include the word "condition". This sign sends me the image of having an illness or medical problem, or being trained to behave a certain way. Surely my original interpretation of the painting being calm was determined by a past experience as well, the blue sky atop a green field must have enacted an image I'd seen before, but reading the title and watching my perception instantly change allowed me a firmer grasp on the adaptability of my mind. If tomorrow I am taught that being conditioned is a positive thing, I might look at the picture and it's title again and find that an better interpretation of the it has dug it's roots into the soil.

1. Who is the most inspiring person (for you personally) in your life? How and why do they inspire you? You may see them as a personal hero or a role model.
I think that would be my dad. The thing thats most admirable about him is that he has SO much patience and so much understanding, even when I do something to disappoint him he would always say, "It's okay, do better next time" or "don't do it next time." I know I did something wrong but he always seems to forgive me and give me another chance at anything. He tells me everyday that every mistake I make will be a lesson for me and it's better to learn those mistakes not then later in life when we dont have much time left in life. He tells me making mistakes is a good thing, when in my head I know its not. And even though I grew up with a loving father like him I just can't seem to be able to express the same forgivenss and love toward my sister and brother. He is my role model. If there was anything in this world I would desire, it would be to be more like my father.

2. If you had one weekend to spend 10,000 dollars, and you had to spend it, what would you do/buy?
-I would make sure my family stays healthy for the rest of our lives. I really dont know.

3. If you could go back in time to change any one event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT?

-Save President Lincoln, I predict that the world might have been less racist, well at least america. and i think there would have been more freedom to different races other than white people, like even now I feel that there is a big issue with racism even at our school.

4. If you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?

-electric chair, I think it's so cruel, I dont think they use it so often anymore but still, i would have those destroyed. and drugs I wish they weren't there, it hurts the people's health so much. I know that the people that do drugs do it for a purpose whether its to make them feel better or just because they need to but there are so many things that taste better and smell better than you could bet sucking on then cigarettes or tabacco or etc.

5. What film most accurately resembles your life? Make the connections clear using traits/aspects/characteristics/characters of the film. Consider approaching this a bit like an essay--you must have some concrete details from the film that you connect to concrete details from your life. ELABORATE!

- I think the movie 13 going on 21 resembles my life. Well not my really .... It's about a girl who is 13 and her dream is to become 21 so she can be free and do whatever she wants, and thats how I feel sometimes. Like sometimes in life I wish I were older so that I dont have to listen to my mothers constant yelling about how to study and what to do next as if she were my manager. But then when i think about that I regret right after for evening thinking such things with the most wonderful parents that I could ever wish for. Thats what happens to the girl, she wishes to become 21 and she gets that wish. So she gets to experience the life of a 21 year old and realizes that, its not what she wants and wishes to become 13 again and live and experience the 8 years she missed out on.

6. SHORT ANSWER: What is the best not chocolate dessert?
cheesecake XD

All the songs I listen to are literally all Korean songs. I never really had the interest in listening to other songs, for some reason they aren't appealing to me. I mean I listen to some non-Korean songs but that's when my friends show me the music videos or let me listen to their music players.

So the first song I'd like to share is a song called "Hahaha" its actually a song to just cheer people up. The lyrics say "Whenever you feel down laugh like this HaHaha, it makes you feel better." At first I thought this song was really cheesy and there was no point in it, but as I keep listening to it, it does seem accurate and laughing outloud does help a depressing day to lighten up! "Whenever you feel unhappy just think of this song and sing along HAHAHA"

I have this other song called "Super Man" which is a song that shows friendship and it emphasizes the friendship and how important it is. "My friend, my old friend, we must fight this world together and we will go on together with one dream and I hope our relationship never ends." The song also mentions that even though in their relationship, there will be times they hate each other and want to fight each other and cuss at each other, "I hope you forgive me and will go on with me to the ends of the earth, my friend."

The last song is called "Only Love" and basically it means that only love can heal. The song mentioned how we should look around us and see those people in need and how if we can't help them then no one will. And even by putting on a smile can leave a smile on that person's face with the deep scar. "With the amount of love given to us, we should be able to give the same and melt the frozen hearts with this four-lettered word called Love." Just listening to the song makes my own heart melt and think about what I can do for the people in this world that I will be living with until the end of my time. It made me want to do something even if it meant starting out with the people most dearest to me like my parents.

Living the fifteen years of my life, there were so many different things I desired to become, it seemed to change consistently. For example, I wanted to become a dentist, a teacher, a children’s doctor, and the most recent ones I thought I wanted to become were a translator, a pharmacist, an optometrist or an athlete. But those occupations were all chosen without much thought. Of course, the well-known pressure of the Asian parents and grandparents also effected my decisions as well. Thinking of it now I never wanted to do anything to do with medical studies. Honestly, when I was younger, I thought some sort of doctors was the only occupation that existed. Recently, I figured that I’ve been practicing a lot of my art skills since I was in grade school. I had private art teachers who were professionals from top art school and I realized that I had a lot of passion in designing clothes, photography, and filming. All of the three listed I’ve practiced. I attended multiple filming/photography camps. I took an internship to work with one of my relatives in the filming industry, while I was visiting Korea. I learned how to use the movie camera; I learned how to set up the setting and to use the silver screen for special effects. I remember really enjoying learning and filming a movie (that actually played in Korea) over the summer.

             I dream school has always been University of Southern California (USC). My father attended that university for his graduate school to finish his studies in engineering material science, I remember promising my father that I would make it to the same school he did.

             I can also imagine myself being active with sports because I enjoy working out. I also think, I would be married, well I would like to! I’m not sure about children but I’ve wanted to have a daughter a while ago, I really don’t think about having children. I think my life would be less boring with children though.

I can't believe Mr. Ross is making me do this when I could be checking my email or doing something more exciting than this assignment. My brother is bouncing his small green ball, and it's really annoying. It's making those annoying "ting, ting" sounds. My brother just tripped trying to catch the ball that was rolling away from him. I'm really tired, today is Friday and I really don't feel like doing homework right now. I don't have anything else to say. I don't like it not knowing what to do. My sister's friends came over today, they were really loud. it's been a while since I last invited my friends over to my house. I think I need to do it sometime soon! My sister's friends just left the house, it's foggy and cold outside, I wonder where they are going. I still have a chemistry lab report to finish. Someone is texting me and I'm being tempted to text back. I'm really sleepy right now. I didn't get to sleep so much this week. When I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep for some reason. I didn't even go to my TaeKwonDo studio yesterday. So I have to make that up tomorrow morning, which sucks even more. It starts at nine in the morning but the studio takes place at the UC Berkeley recreation center, so I have to get up earlier to get ready for the class and for the time that it takes to drive there. Even though, it's a Saturday the workouts are though. Many of the people at our studio are college students and so they expect hard workouts to relieve stress. The class goes on for about an hour and half. Everyone, not just couple people, but everyone starts sweating after the first seven minutes of class, and that's about when we are only stretching. That's how intense the room's atmosphere is. Finally my fifteen minutes are up!

1. If you could be a fly on anybody's wall, on whose wall would you perch? Why? What would you do with the information?

I would like to be a fly in my friend's room. I know her well but I don't really know what she does when we are not together, I wouldn't really do anything with the information I find out, but I'd just keep it to myself. I know that not everyone has perfect lives and we all live differently even though we are close friends and we are have similar personalities. She is also living with her aunt and cousins, so it's a little different from how I live. I want to see what it's like to live without parents at an early age and what kind of feelings she has to overcome. I'm sure there are times where she feels uncomfortable with her cousins. I bet there are some good points to living on your own and some bad points.

2. What is your favorite piece of art? Describe what it looks like. Why do you like it so much? How does it make you feel? Does it tell a story? Have symbolism? You may wish to paste said art into your blog...

I don't really look so deeply into art but just for this purpose of the blog I looked into some art, it wasn't a piece of art, it was a whole subject. I studied something called the Korean Stone Art which started about 3000 years ago. The art usually works on three scales: large installations of monumental shaped stones as ornamental gates; medium sized shaped stones for landscape decoration within Korean gardens; and the smaller shaped stones for scholar's tables which is the most important. It came from Chinese influence of Chinese's scholar rock which replicated small mountains upon writing tables, fan-shaped agates that drew upon classical creation, myths and shaped landscape stones and rocks within Korean gardens.

3. If you could choose your ideal parents AND THEY COULD NOT BE YOUR CURRENT PARENTS, how would they be? Describe how they look, act, and parent. What do they do (for work, hobbies, etc)? Would they get on your case about school? Give you a curfew? Be honest and fair in your response...

I'm really not sure what my ideal parents would look like. My ideal parents would be understanding of my decisions and support them. If they oppose my ideas then, they would talk with me about it instead of making decisions for me. I would like them not to pressure me with how well my cousins do or my friends do, because they are not me. I am me and I'm different, I study differently, and I have different ways doing things. I want them to help me get through school but I don't want them to be too into my grades. I don't like how parents usually, especially Asian parents, punish you for getting your grade dropped my 2% because you messed up on a test. It's not even messing up badly, maybe that test day just wasn't a good day for that person. I want them to worry about my school life but not too much that they would call my friends and check up on how I am at school. But I understand why they would have a feeling to do that, I don't think they actually need to do that.

4. If you could live in any decade, which one would it be and why? ELABORATE. What opportunities would you take advantage of in said decade?

I like living here in this century, maybe like 10 years ago. There are a lot more competition now because people are more knowledgeable and they will keep getting more knowledgeable. Even getting into college is quite difficult these days rather than a couple decades ago. People have to have graduated from college to get a work place now. There are so many improvements in the world which makes us become lazier and lazier, which I don't want to become.

5. If you could/had to be any Disney character, who would it be and why?

I would want to be Peter Pan. I would never have to go through growing up and always just have fun in a whole new world of my own, where you can play and fly around all the time. It would be like living in a dream all the time. Using magic all the time, making my own story would fun.

6. "There is a difference between the moral man and the criminal in that the moral man has a legitimate reason to steal." Support or refute this idea (that a person's objectively bad deeds can be justified by the subjectivity of their life experiences).

I don't think the moral man has a legitimate reason to steal because the criminal man and moral man are both human. Both people at one point can feel an urge to steal something they want. We criticize people for what they did in the past but not everyone's perfect. We all make mistakes, it's like a scar. We we get hurt we can heal but there will be a scar left and it's not easy to get the scar off. Of course it doesn't mean they should keep making the same mistakes over and over again but it doesn't give the moral man anymore reason to steal.


1. What is your favorite book?
 - My favorite book was the The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It was about a bad-tempered girl, Mary Lennox who lives in India with her parents. Her father is a handsome captain of the army and her mother was a beautiful woman. Mary never was allowed to see her parents. All of sudden there is a natural disaster that happens near her home and her parents and everyone there die. Some soldiers later find her and since she no longer has parents, she is considered an orphan. Her uncle, Archibald Craven, decides to take her in. Her uncle lives in a Misselthwaite Manor, which is like a mansion that has over hundred rooms. Archibald Craven locked all of them up after his wife's death. Mary finds her sickly cousin and together the unlock many hidden secrets within their house. It's a really lovely story~


2. If you could/had to live in any country besides the United States, where would it be?
 - I would live in Korea. In Korea, I think it would be more comfortable because Korean is my first language, it would make my communication easier. Since my family, in particular, have kept our traditions, it would be easy for me to get used to the environment quickly. I'm not really interested in living in any other parts of the world to be honest.


3. Who is your favorite superhero?
 - I don't really have a favorite superhero anymore but before I used to love Super Man. I always wanted to be able to have supernatural powers like he did. Maybe not the ultra super strength power but I wanted to be able to fly. I wouldn't really want to protect anyone either. I was always amazed everytime he would fly.


4. If you could change any one law, what would it be?
 - I would change the driving law, because it's not fair that just up to now students could get their permits but now we have to wait until we are sixteen. The restriction is cut off at a weird point too. For the people born in 1993 the law allowed people born from January up to June. What about the rest of the people born in 1993? I don't think this law is fair, if they want to cut off the line, then I would cut off up to December 1993.

5. Is life a matter of reality or is it all just based on perception?

 - I really don't know how to answer this.

6. Is it better to be too hot or too cold?

 - It's better to be too cold. You can keep putting on more clothes and more clothes but if it's too hot, you can't keep taking off or keep cooling yourself down.

7. Which is better: to get in a car accident that isn't your fault and lose a leg or to get into a car accident that is your fault and kill an old lady?

 - If the accident was my fault and I killed an old lady, wouldn't that be bad for me? I think I'd rather lose a leg because I could live with one leg but I don't think I could live on knowing that I made the car accident and killed an innocent person.

8. Do you believe that pain and suffering is a necessary part of life?

 - Yes, I think pain and suffering may be a part of life. Whether it's necessary or not. Even if we have pain and suffering we also have joy and happiness too.

9. Is animal testing acceptable?

 - No it's not acceptable because animals aren't less than what we are. It's not okay to test on humans so it shouldn't be okay to test on animals.

10. Do you believe that ghosts exist?
Yes I believe that ghosts do exist, they just don't appear in front of certain people. I think it only appears in front of people with weak minds that are easy to hinder.

11. Do you believe that you can never have too much of a good thing?

 - Yes because I think there needs to be a good and bad to have good things happen. If there wasn't a bad then we wouldn't know what was good and what was bad.

12. Do you believe that school is the best way to make a person smarter?

 - No, there are more people in this world that don't go to school then the people that go to school. I think living your life in the "real" world rather than being at school can get someone smarter. People say that school prepares you for the outside world, but I think being in the outside world and experiencing the things that could happen can make one stronger and a smarter person.

13. Do you believe that Free Market Capitalism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_market_capitalism) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism) is fair? If not, what would you suggest?

 - I think it is fair enough because if we had two people exchanging their items, they would both have to be consent with it. They can't physically contact each other, so no fighting. One person can't really force the other person to buy their goods.

14. Do you believe that war can be justified?

 - No, I think instead of going to war, we should negotiate about the problem and solve it with words. War is pointless because we just have people dying and dying and sometimes we never get any good results from it just death.

15. If you could switch your gender, but it had to be permanent, would you?

 - No, I like the way I am.

16. Do you think you are anyone's favorite person in the world?
 - I'm not sure..... Maybe my parents' favortites if not my sister's

17. Did you fully support all of your answers or just give short/one word answers?  
  - I tried!! ^^

My favorite sport is TaeKwonDo. I don't go so often anymore but when I do go, I go when I feel really down or if I have had a rough day. Once I'm in TaeKwonDo class, we practice our kicking and punch and our forms, and when we do that it helps relieve stress. In TaeKwonDo, it is important to yell it is called KiHap. It supposed to  keeps your balance and helps you kick harder which makes your stress leave your body faster and faster. You are able to sweat off all your burden for the day~ It is refreshing after you're done taking the class. Also, my TaeKwonDo studio has a really nice atmostphere where you can relax but then work out hard at the same time. Many of my friends are there to practice with me and they work hard beside me to give me hope~ Not only does TaeKwonDo help you get rid of stress but also it teaches you respect for high belts and for older people who you share the same studio with. We are tought many different characteristics, such as patience, endurance, confidence (although I'm no good with confidence whatsoever), self- control, and even more powerful and strong characteristics.

The animal that represents me is very hard to decide. The animals that I think or other people think of me as are complete opposites. The animal I most feel like is a lamb, but people tell me, while I think I'm a lamb they think I'm a lion, not because I'm loud but as they say I'm really protective of my family and friends. At those times I feel like a lion because I will protect them and at the same time I'm really shy and quiet. There are times when I feel more of one side than the other. And other times I feel like I'm mixed in between  the two totally different animals. So I don't know how I can combine those two but I feel like I'm both.

I am deathly-afraid of birds. I am afraid of them flying away all of a sudden when people chase them. Knowing my fear, my sister would always run into a crowd of birds and make them fly away. Whenever my sister finds a feather on the ground she would come towards me and flap it around me annoyingly. The scariest part of birds is when they flap their wings, it sounds like it’s going to attack. From ducks I loathe how they quack, it sounds like it’s angry at you. Usually, younger children enjoy going to the park but it was a horror if my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the park. It was the worst place in the universe. It was like hell, because there were ugly, disgusting pigeons everywhere, pooping everywhere. The worst is when there are ducks and geese, too.

 There was this one time in Korea where my mother and I were grocery shopping.( I was about five or six years old). There were many street markets. We were going to buy chicken for dinner. The weird thing was the chickens weren’t wrapped up, we had to choose a live chicken from the den. My mother chose a random chicken and the people selling the chicken cut the head off right in front of me. Even though the chicken’s head was completely off with blood gushing out from the neck, the chicken was still moving around. I remember starting to cry because it was so creepy.

 Another time was when I was feeding the ducks and geese some bread. I was just peacefully throwing little pieces of bread on the grass to the ducks and geese, when all of a sudden a goose started quacking at me. I think they were asking for more, but I didn’t have anymore. I started to walk away but then the goose started chasing me, the goose was a little shorter than me. I thought it was going to kill me! Luckily, my father yelled at it and it got scared and flew away.

 The problem is I never lost that fear. Even today I hate birds, not only chickens, ducks and geese, but all birds.