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I am deathly-afraid of birds. I am afraid of them flying away all of a sudden when people chase them. Knowing my fear, my sister would always run into a crowd of birds and make them fly away. Whenever my sister finds a feather on the ground she would come towards me and flap it around me annoyingly. The scariest part of birds is when they flap their wings, it sounds like it’s going to attack. From ducks I loathe how they quack, it sounds like it’s angry at you. Usually, younger children enjoy going to the park but it was a horror if my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the park. It was the worst place in the universe. It was like hell, because there were ugly, disgusting pigeons everywhere, pooping everywhere. The worst is when there are ducks and geese, too.

 There was this one time in Korea where my mother and I were grocery shopping.( I was about five or six years old). There were many street markets. We were going to buy chicken for dinner. The weird thing was the chickens weren’t wrapped up, we had to choose a live chicken from the den. My mother chose a random chicken and the people selling the chicken cut the head off right in front of me. Even though the chicken’s head was completely off with blood gushing out from the neck, the chicken was still moving around. I remember starting to cry because it was so creepy.

 Another time was when I was feeding the ducks and geese some bread. I was just peacefully throwing little pieces of bread on the grass to the ducks and geese, when all of a sudden a goose started quacking at me. I think they were asking for more, but I didn’t have anymore. I started to walk away but then the goose started chasing me, the goose was a little shorter than me. I thought it was going to kill me! Luckily, my father yelled at it and it got scared and flew away.

 The problem is I never lost that fear. Even today I hate birds, not only chickens, ducks and geese, but all birds.

I know how you feel about those geese! They are always so self-absorbed and want more of other birds are getting round them. I attended a summer camp at a farm once, and the geese were vicious in there attempt to get their (or more) share of food. One time, their whole gang cornered me in the pen! Luckily a counselor showed me an easy technique to chase off the bastards. Just clap and make loud noises. Even though they're extremely noisy themselves, they are easily defeated by noise. Ironic!
really? i never knew that! thanks, i'll definitely use that technique next time :D
Your fear reminds me of this ancient old movie called "Birds". Its about a group of birds who start killing people by pecking them to death. Its one of the scariest movies I have ever seen so if you probably are terrified of them, I probably wouldn't watch the movie if i were you. haha and I like your stories! they are very intersting and fun to read!
oh my gosh. i totally know what you are feeling. i really hate birds. mostly when they fly and they're like 5 feet away from you. usually i feel like they are going to attack me. and i would run like 100 mph just to get away from them. its crazy.
sounds like a rough fear. i was once pooped on by a bird. that sucked. chased by a goose...sucks even more.