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My favorite sport is TaeKwonDo. I don't go so often anymore but when I do go, I go when I feel really down or if I have had a rough day. Once I'm in TaeKwonDo class, we practice our kicking and punch and our forms, and when we do that it helps relieve stress. In TaeKwonDo, it is important to yell it is called KiHap. It supposed to  keeps your balance and helps you kick harder which makes your stress leave your body faster and faster. You are able to sweat off all your burden for the day~ It is refreshing after you're done taking the class. Also, my TaeKwonDo studio has a really nice atmostphere where you can relax but then work out hard at the same time. Many of my friends are there to practice with me and they work hard beside me to give me hope~ Not only does TaeKwonDo help you get rid of stress but also it teaches you respect for high belts and for older people who you share the same studio with. We are tought many different characteristics, such as patience, endurance, confidence (although I'm no good with confidence whatsoever), self- control, and even more powerful and strong characteristics.

The animal that represents me is very hard to decide. The animals that I think or other people think of me as are complete opposites. The animal I most feel like is a lamb, but people tell me, while I think I'm a lamb they think I'm a lion, not because I'm loud but as they say I'm really protective of my family and friends. At those times I feel like a lion because I will protect them and at the same time I'm really shy and quiet. There are times when I feel more of one side than the other. And other times I feel like I'm mixed in between  the two totally different animals. So I don't know how I can combine those two but I feel like I'm both.
nicely written! TaeKwonDo is soo cool!! i want to learn TaeKwonDo now. u should teach me.

i agree you are like a lamb. u are so shy and quiet. but you are like a lion since you are such a leader and protective with the people youre close to.