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1. If you could be a fly on anybody's wall, on whose wall would you perch? Why? What would you do with the information?

I would like to be a fly in my friend's room. I know her well but I don't really know what she does when we are not together, I wouldn't really do anything with the information I find out, but I'd just keep it to myself. I know that not everyone has perfect lives and we all live differently even though we are close friends and we are have similar personalities. She is also living with her aunt and cousins, so it's a little different from how I live. I want to see what it's like to live without parents at an early age and what kind of feelings she has to overcome. I'm sure there are times where she feels uncomfortable with her cousins. I bet there are some good points to living on your own and some bad points.

2. What is your favorite piece of art? Describe what it looks like. Why do you like it so much? How does it make you feel? Does it tell a story? Have symbolism? You may wish to paste said art into your blog...

I don't really look so deeply into art but just for this purpose of the blog I looked into some art, it wasn't a piece of art, it was a whole subject. I studied something called the Korean Stone Art which started about 3000 years ago. The art usually works on three scales: large installations of monumental shaped stones as ornamental gates; medium sized shaped stones for landscape decoration within Korean gardens; and the smaller shaped stones for scholar's tables which is the most important. It came from Chinese influence of Chinese's scholar rock which replicated small mountains upon writing tables, fan-shaped agates that drew upon classical creation, myths and shaped landscape stones and rocks within Korean gardens.

3. If you could choose your ideal parents AND THEY COULD NOT BE YOUR CURRENT PARENTS, how would they be? Describe how they look, act, and parent. What do they do (for work, hobbies, etc)? Would they get on your case about school? Give you a curfew? Be honest and fair in your response...

I'm really not sure what my ideal parents would look like. My ideal parents would be understanding of my decisions and support them. If they oppose my ideas then, they would talk with me about it instead of making decisions for me. I would like them not to pressure me with how well my cousins do or my friends do, because they are not me. I am me and I'm different, I study differently, and I have different ways doing things. I want them to help me get through school but I don't want them to be too into my grades. I don't like how parents usually, especially Asian parents, punish you for getting your grade dropped my 2% because you messed up on a test. It's not even messing up badly, maybe that test day just wasn't a good day for that person. I want them to worry about my school life but not too much that they would call my friends and check up on how I am at school. But I understand why they would have a feeling to do that, I don't think they actually need to do that.

4. If you could live in any decade, which one would it be and why? ELABORATE. What opportunities would you take advantage of in said decade?

I like living here in this century, maybe like 10 years ago. There are a lot more competition now because people are more knowledgeable and they will keep getting more knowledgeable. Even getting into college is quite difficult these days rather than a couple decades ago. People have to have graduated from college to get a work place now. There are so many improvements in the world which makes us become lazier and lazier, which I don't want to become.

5. If you could/had to be any Disney character, who would it be and why?

I would want to be Peter Pan. I would never have to go through growing up and always just have fun in a whole new world of my own, where you can play and fly around all the time. It would be like living in a dream all the time. Using magic all the time, making my own story would fun.

6. "There is a difference between the moral man and the criminal in that the moral man has a legitimate reason to steal." Support or refute this idea (that a person's objectively bad deeds can be justified by the subjectivity of their life experiences).

I don't think the moral man has a legitimate reason to steal because the criminal man and moral man are both human. Both people at one point can feel an urge to steal something they want. We criticize people for what they did in the past but not everyone's perfect. We all make mistakes, it's like a scar. We we get hurt we can heal but there will be a scar left and it's not easy to get the scar off. Of course it doesn't mean they should keep making the same mistakes over and over again but it doesn't give the moral man anymore reason to steal.

Comprehensive blog; especially liked answer 2 because I'd never heard of Korean Stone Art before. I agree with answer 4 on some level, but I couldn't imagine living without some of the things we have in 2009, like internet-based school assignments.