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Living the fifteen years of my life, there were so many different things I desired to become, it seemed to change consistently. For example, I wanted to become a dentist, a teacher, a children’s doctor, and the most recent ones I thought I wanted to become were a translator, a pharmacist, an optometrist or an athlete. But those occupations were all chosen without much thought. Of course, the well-known pressure of the Asian parents and grandparents also effected my decisions as well. Thinking of it now I never wanted to do anything to do with medical studies. Honestly, when I was younger, I thought some sort of doctors was the only occupation that existed. Recently, I figured that I’ve been practicing a lot of my art skills since I was in grade school. I had private art teachers who were professionals from top art school and I realized that I had a lot of passion in designing clothes, photography, and filming. All of the three listed I’ve practiced. I attended multiple filming/photography camps. I took an internship to work with one of my relatives in the filming industry, while I was visiting Korea. I learned how to use the movie camera; I learned how to set up the setting and to use the silver screen for special effects. I remember really enjoying learning and filming a movie (that actually played in Korea) over the summer.

             I dream school has always been University of Southern California (USC). My father attended that university for his graduate school to finish his studies in engineering material science, I remember promising my father that I would make it to the same school he did.

             I can also imagine myself being active with sports because I enjoy working out. I also think, I would be married, well I would like to! I’m not sure about children but I’ve wanted to have a daughter a while ago, I really don’t think about having children. I think my life would be less boring with children though.

seems like you have your whole life set already.....
may i ask what will happen if god forbid you dont get in to USC?
So do you think you'll be going for a more practical job, like being a doctor, or going for a really fun one, like being a movie director or photographer?
haha i can totally relate on the parents what you to be doctor thing. I'm still trying to convince my mom that I don't enjoy the sight of blood, and I would be a horrible doctor. The movie thing sounds cool, how you worked with the setting.
you've filmed some films? you should bring one in so the class can check it out...

usc? i grew up a ucla fan, but we don't have to fight about it...