All the songs I listen to are literally all Korean songs. I never really had the interest in listening to other songs, for some reason they aren't appealing to me. I mean I listen to some non-Korean songs but that's when my friends show me the music videos or let me listen to their music players.

So the first song I'd like to share is a song called "Hahaha" its actually a song to just cheer people up. The lyrics say "Whenever you feel down laugh like this HaHaha, it makes you feel better." At first I thought this song was really cheesy and there was no point in it, but as I keep listening to it, it does seem accurate and laughing outloud does help a depressing day to lighten up! "Whenever you feel unhappy just think of this song and sing along HAHAHA"

I have this other song called "Super Man" which is a song that shows friendship and it emphasizes the friendship and how important it is. "My friend, my old friend, we must fight this world together and we will go on together with one dream and I hope our relationship never ends." The song also mentions that even though in their relationship, there will be times they hate each other and want to fight each other and cuss at each other, "I hope you forgive me and will go on with me to the ends of the earth, my friend."

The last song is called "Only Love" and basically it means that only love can heal. The song mentioned how we should look around us and see those people in need and how if we can't help them then no one will. And even by putting on a smile can leave a smile on that person's face with the deep scar. "With the amount of love given to us, we should be able to give the same and melt the frozen hearts with this four-lettered word called Love." Just listening to the song makes my own heart melt and think about what I can do for the people in this world that I will be living with until the end of my time. It made me want to do something even if it meant starting out with the people most dearest to me like my parents.