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1. Who is the most inspiring person (for you personally) in your life? How and why do they inspire you? You may see them as a personal hero or a role model.
I think that would be my dad. The thing thats most admirable about him is that he has SO much patience and so much understanding, even when I do something to disappoint him he would always say, "It's okay, do better next time" or "don't do it next time." I know I did something wrong but he always seems to forgive me and give me another chance at anything. He tells me everyday that every mistake I make will be a lesson for me and it's better to learn those mistakes not then later in life when we dont have much time left in life. He tells me making mistakes is a good thing, when in my head I know its not. And even though I grew up with a loving father like him I just can't seem to be able to express the same forgivenss and love toward my sister and brother. He is my role model. If there was anything in this world I would desire, it would be to be more like my father.

2. If you had one weekend to spend 10,000 dollars, and you had to spend it, what would you do/buy?
-I would make sure my family stays healthy for the rest of our lives. I really dont know.

3. If you could go back in time to change any one event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT?

-Save President Lincoln, I predict that the world might have been less racist, well at least america. and i think there would have been more freedom to different races other than white people, like even now I feel that there is a big issue with racism even at our school.

4. If you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?

-electric chair, I think it's so cruel, I dont think they use it so often anymore but still, i would have those destroyed. and drugs I wish they weren't there, it hurts the people's health so much. I know that the people that do drugs do it for a purpose whether its to make them feel better or just because they need to but there are so many things that taste better and smell better than you could bet sucking on then cigarettes or tabacco or etc.

5. What film most accurately resembles your life? Make the connections clear using traits/aspects/characteristics/characters of the film. Consider approaching this a bit like an essay--you must have some concrete details from the film that you connect to concrete details from your life. ELABORATE!

- I think the movie 13 going on 21 resembles my life. Well not my really .... It's about a girl who is 13 and her dream is to become 21 so she can be free and do whatever she wants, and thats how I feel sometimes. Like sometimes in life I wish I were older so that I dont have to listen to my mothers constant yelling about how to study and what to do next as if she were my manager. But then when i think about that I regret right after for evening thinking such things with the most wonderful parents that I could ever wish for. Thats what happens to the girl, she wishes to become 21 and she gets that wish. So she gets to experience the life of a 21 year old and realizes that, its not what she wants and wishes to become 13 again and live and experience the 8 years she missed out on.

6. SHORT ANSWER: What is the best not chocolate dessert?
cheesecake XD

you're the third person who's said cheesecake
cheesecake with mango on the side would be orgasmic.....