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The painting I chose was "The Human Condition", hearing the name of the painting affected my interpretation of it. When I first looked at the picture itself, it felt really calm and smooth, and for a second, all the worries in my world took a step aside, well almost. Thinking on the title again I thought, this man was not feeling what I just felt when he decided to make this painting out into the world. Because he added those three words, I came up with a completely different sign because of my past run-ins with phrases that include the word "condition". This sign sends me the image of having an illness or medical problem, or being trained to behave a certain way. Surely my original interpretation of the painting being calm was determined by a past experience as well, the blue sky atop a green field must have enacted an image I'd seen before, but reading the title and watching my perception instantly change allowed me a firmer grasp on the adaptability of my mind. If tomorrow I am taught that being conditioned is a positive thing, I might look at the picture and it's title again and find that an better interpretation of the it has dug it's roots into the soil.

XD nice, it is kinda annoying to see your opinion be included by varibles you don't want it to be.