The song Tomorrow sung by Annie from the musical Little Orphan Annie is an inspirational song. The message from this excerpt of the song is saying not to give yourself up no matter how hard and depressing today may be, because there is  tomorrow that will always only be a day after today. “The sun'll come out [t]omorrow[,] [s]o ya gotta hang on '[t]il tomorrow”. The message to the listeners that, no one should let pain, anger, anxiety keep them from starting out new with no worries. There are more and more suicides at a young age and people are misunderstanding and forgetting that today is not the end and there is always a better tomorrow waiting with the sun rising. "[B]et your botton dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!" The sun will never fail to rise. Anyone could bet a dollar anyday and win because the sun will always rise. "Just thinkin' about [t]omorrow [c]lears away the cobwebs, [a]nd the sorrow". Even thinking that there is another chance ahead should clear your gloomy thoughts. When nothing works out and today is not great and is depressing, depend on tomorrow.

I listen to this song when I feel down or when I need encourage words. It always has an uplifting tune and it gives me hope that there is no reason on giving up life when I could do so much more thinking that something is waiting for me tomorrow. "When I'm stuck a day [t]hat's gray, [a]nd lonely, I just stick out my chin [a]nd Grin, [a]nd Say, Oh! The sun'll come out [t]omorrow [s]o ya gotta hang on '[t]il tomorrow [c]ome what may". The song and lyrics give me the strength to push forward through the walls of trouble and pain. Whatever comes my way, I will overcome and I will never back down from it.